Thursday, August 13, 2009


(you'll notice a few similarities... over the next few months we'll dissect the legality of what hotels are doing to screw you out of your rooms, and how to avoid having your rights trampled)

1. Group of seven (7) pays $700 deposit at $100/person... Arrives on Saturday afternoon around 4pm... pre-gaming for twenty minutes and there's a knock at the door... Security and hotel mgr at the door... Yes, you know what happens from here: graduates scramble to hide beer and liquor, throw about half under the bed and half into suitcases... Security forces kids to empty the bottles/cans found under bed, total was 3 24-packs and half a bottle of stolichnya (sp?) vodka... Mgr and Security actually get into argument over whether security is allowed to go into graduates' suitcases... graduates protest, start grabbing stuff and trying to get bags to the car... In about two minutes, two suitcases are opened and cops are on site... Citations handed out to ALL 7 GRADUATES and hotel booted them, kept the $700 deposit... A couple very illegal things going on here including the search of personal property by the security guard... hotel mgrs like to claim because you're on private property they can enter and search any time for any reason, but this will not hold up in court... unfortunately most high school grads aren't going to carry this to court... hotel could be looking at legal action IF the re-rent the room AND keep the deposit... More on this in coming months...

2. This one was hard to listen to because of the levels of stupid involved: Hotel Mgr watches group of 4 graduates lug three coolers from jeep into first floor room. Calls police. Coolers filled with beast. Game over. As this was being told to us we literally slapped our forehead in unison because there is simply no way to help someone dumb enough to bring booze in a cooler to senior week and carry it into a motel in broad daylight... just to be clear we do not advocate underage drinking, we only want people to protect their privacy by not inviting undue attention or suspicion...

3. Classic noise complaint turns into bike cop extravaganza... OC imports several dozen police from other areas during the tourist season and senior week especially... these guys are usually really friendly chill guys who want to make a little extra and live at the beach for a while... unfortunately just like we did when we were grads, graduates these days can't seem to dig the idea of authority figures on bicycles... so here was one of my favorites from this year (and it came from a bike cop, who was, as I said, very cool): party on dorchester street gets crowded and loud, bike cops passing by decide this one has reached critical mass. They dismount, one stays behind to watch the bikes while another approaches porch... as he approaches porch, a drunk kid springs from behind porch railing and pukes into the bushes ten feet from cop...cop and drunk kid lock eyes, drunk kid takes about ten seconds to realize he's f*ed, then instead of doing or saying anything, he reaches down and starts tying his shoe. He ties one shoe. Looks back at cop whose partner is now walking up, and decides to bolt. he runs into the house because cops were blocking the porch. Cops knock, ask for whoever is renting the place, ask if people are drinking, here's people hushing each other and scooping cans away... cop sees the really drunk kid tying his other shoe... fast forward, four more bike cops on scene, writing citations... there is no back door, but drunk kid has managed to escape, so they think... Cop from porch earlier looks up from his citation pad or book or whatever, and drunk kid has put a hoodie on and is slinking toward the edge of the porch looking for place to jump. Before cop can react, drunk kid jumps over the railing nails the landing and bolts...cop and his partner grab their bikes and chase... after running through alleys and almost boarding the drunk bus, TWENTY MINUTES LATER, they finally have the kid on the side of coastal highway where he collpased, puked and quit... at this point there are four bike cops and two squad cars stopping traffic in right lane all surrounding the kid... here's the catch: the arresting officer is from out of town... if the kid can get a hearing/arraignment in the fall or winter, bike cop probably won't show (won't travel from his usual place of employ) so kid has a good chance of getting off... and he has a great story...

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