Thursday, October 8, 2009

Senior Week Curfew 2010 Update!

The Mayor of Ocean City has the right to instate a curfew at ANY TIME. After this year's fights and drunken arrests, City Council will be taking up the question of reinstating the curfew (which was only disbanded a few years back) this winter.

Not only that, but the momentum is gaining in the public's eye as well. Check out this Letter to the Editor (third letter from top).

Money quote from Letter to Editor:
What if there was a curfew, of lets say midnight, that everyone under the age of 21 had to be at their residence. Not just a Boardwalk curfew but a citywide law. Make them all go home at midnight. Would this eliminate all the problems? No, but it would certainly take an impossible situation and turn it into a manageable one. Then, I believe, the police department could place more personnel into the neighborhoods and less officers on the Boardwalk. More presence in the neighborhoods would certainly benefit us all.

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